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Dynagram launches DynaStrip 7.5
May 16th 2013

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Dynagram launches DynaStrip 7.5

Quebec, May 16, 2013 - Dynagram, the company that makes your work flow™, today announced a productivity upgrade for its DynaStrip imposition software, version 7.5. With this latest release, DynaStrip includes the following features: 

Color layers and ink density settings for all marks
To better meet different printing needs, DynaStrip v7.5 enables prints to manage the colors and ink densities for every imposition mark. Users now have complete control in placing any mark on selected colors and avoiding excess ink coverage by using a different percentage of ink density for each color layer (CMYK or Pantone). A color selection dialog menu, with density settings allowing values between 0% and 100%, is available for all printable marks:

  • Linear marks (the density value of each segment is combined with that of the ink)
  • Register marks
  • Assembly marks
  • Text marks
  • Barcodes
  • Distance tags
  • Trim and bleed marks
  • Fold marks
  • Sheet corners

This feature is compatible with all output formats (PDF, JDF, PJTF and PS, for separation and composite environments).

Import / export of TPL templates
Several improvements have been made to the import and export of TPL templates to minimize the layout differences due to each format’s specific aspects:

  • Better management of text marks placed on both sides of the sheet
  • Automatic addition of process colors in the color table to better manage marks
  • Support for ink densities during import / export of TPL templates

Automation modules
In DynaStrip Automation, it is now possible to manage up to 400 hotfolders simultaneously.
In addition, the JT-Flow module allows new algorithms to increment and decrement pagination when copying sheets.

DynaStrip 7.5 can be ordered directly from Dynagram, and through our world-wide network of dealers and partners. Existing customers of DynaStrip should contact their local Dynagram dealer or Dynagram customer service at for upgrade eligibility.


About Dynagram
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