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DynaStrip is a high-end imposition software, tailored to tackle any imposition job. Its powerful architecture allows customers to fully control their imposition layouts. DynaStrip integrates with all major workflow systems and RIPs and can handle files from over 100 applications. With over 15 years of evolution in real production environments, DynaStrip is a standard in imposition.


  • Easy-to-learn interface that simulates a light-table
  • Handles PostScript, EPS, PDF, PJTF and JDF files
  • Network Licensing that can provide protection to up to 10 concurrent users on Mac and PC
  • Keeps template creation and management to a minimum


Productivity Features for the Imposition Professional
  • Now compatible with the most recent operating systems: Mac OS 10.8 and Windows 8
  • Users now have complete control over color layers and ink density settings for all marks
  • Several improvements have been made to the import and export of TPL templates to minimize the layout differences due to each format’s specific aspects
  • In DynaStrip Automation, it is now possible to manage up to 400 hotfolders simultaneously
Click to view the Reflow Layout demo
DynaStrip Overview

DynaStrip Demo Download

Macintosh* & Windows
English, French, Spanish & German
DynaStrip Demo Download
*DynaStrip is compiled as a 32-bits application and is not compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15).

Let us help make your evaluation easy!

Let us help make your evaluation of DynaStrip easy. Email us at and arrange to have one of our experts or authorized resellers walk you through DynaStrip in a tailor made one-one-one webinar. Our goal is to listen to your production needs and help you focus in on the right product and features for your production.

The DynaStrip product suite offers solutions tailored to specific needs:

DynaStrip Compact
Full-featured imposition software for the 2-up and 4-up printers.

DynaStrip Full
Powerful imposition for offset or web press jobs of any size or any configuration.

DynaStrip Automation (automated Page Pairing)
Advanced imposition, combined with page-pairing capabilities for newspaper and magazine printers.

DynaStrip Fusion
Advanced imposition, combined with versioning capabilities for printers handling multilingual documents, catalogues and direct marketing campaigns.

DynaStrip JDF Import
This product edition is dedicated to printers equipped with an MIS system and looking for overall JDF connectivity. Its advanced JDF input capability is offered as an addition to the existing output module. DynaStrip JDF Import is compliant with CIP4 MIS to Prepress (MISPRE) Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS) and is compatible with MIS systems such as:
   - Cerm
   - Ecoffi
   - GamSys Software
   - Graphisoft
   - Hiflex Corp.
   - Optichrome
   - Shuttleworth Business Systems
   - Tharstern Limited
Click to view the Create a Job demo
DynaStrip Create a Job

Click to view the Automation demo
DynaStrip Automation

Click to view the JDF Import demo
DynaStrip JDF Import

and others.  
To find out if another MIS System is compatible with DynaStrip JDF Import, please send a JDF file to

What makes Dynagram so different?

Dynagram ensures that your prepress team is up and imposing jobs in no time. Support and training packages are available through our network of OEM, distribution and reselling partners, or directly through Dynagram. Each new product sold comes with 90 days of email, phone and on-line interactive support. So where you have a technical question or just need help learning a feature, a live person is available(1) to help. In addition, all upgrades are included for the first 90 days.  

(1) Live technical support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time (holidays excluded). Support is available in English and in French.

Find out what customers are saying about DynaStrip

"Now that we've had a month worth of experience (and hundreds of plates imaged) with our workflow and DynaStrip, I must say that I love the application. DynaStrip has greatly improved and simplified our ability to layout jobs."
Phil Crawford
Berea Printing
Ohio, USA

"I have worked with DynaStrip for 8 years and having a background in conventional stripping, the transition to DynaStrip was an ease. The convenience of the program being set up as a light table, with easy access to all of your tools is truly helpful. DynaStrip in my opinion is one of the seven wonders of the digital prepress world, itís really that good."
Jon Kohut
Macomb Printing, Inc.