Flexible Imposition for Digital, Offset and Web Printers

What is inpO2 (in-poe-two)?

inpO2 is a powerful, modular PDF imposition software, built right into the familiar environment of Acrobat DC. As a modular imposition solution, you can pick the right features to meet your production needs and budget.

Which inpO2 is right for you?

(Wizard + Layout Editor + Automation + Optimization + JDF)

The easy to use and cost effective starting point for the rest of the inpO2 product line. inpO2+ is perfect for basic offset and digital printing applications.
See below for more information on the Wizard and Layout Editor.

inpO2 Pro+
(Wizard + Layout Editor + Assembly Planner + Automation + Optimization + JDF)

The choice for professionals. inpO2 Pro+ adds template based assembly for offset and web press printing, along with our inpO2 planner for interactive imposition planning. In addition, other professional features such as page level controls, mark sets, ink merging and more! Network licenses are also available for customers who need multiple seats.

Get more power with each Edition


Optimization makes ganging multiple jobs on a single sheet easy and flexible. Import your files, define your press sheet, quantities, and finishing methods then inpO2 Optimization does the rest. See your run length based on your quantities, paper waste and make adjustments to get just the right layout for your ganging needs.


Take anything you can do in inpO2 Wizard and make it as simple as "drag and drop". No limit to the number of workflows that can be defined and each workflow can be set for a specific trim size, or made to be dynamic and change based on the input file. Perfect for customers looking to automate their common imposition work, or Web to Print customers who want to make inpO2 a key part of their overall automated workflow..

Connectivity (JDF Export)

JDF Export of layout and finishing parameters for JDF compatible workflows, RIPs, and finishing equipment.

More Options

Network Licensing (inpO2 Pro+ Required)

If you need multiple seats of your imposition solution, our network license option not only can save you money on each additional seat added, it allows you to install inpO2 on as many workstations as you need. Licenses are floating licenses so you can open and use inpO2 on any workstation for as many seats as you own. Only available for inpO2 Pro+ or above.

Support and Upgrade Agreements

Every new product comes with 90 days of free upgrades and phone, email or internet support. North American customers can extend their support/upgrade warrantee and international customers can extend their upgrade warrantee for 12 months with the purchase of an extended warrantee contract. Be sure to ask about programs available when you purchase your product.

Building blocks for your production needs

  • Quick and simple Wizard to create imposition for folded or flat work of any size!
  • The Layout editor adds the powerful light-table to the Wizard.
  • Edit your layouts easily with this option.
  • Assembly Manager: Convenient assembly-tree interface to impose projects requiring complex assemblies.
  • Planning Capabilities: Post-press driven approach to imposition, using press, paper and fi nishing methods data.
  • Web Press Capabilities: Easy-to-use interface to create complex layouts for single web, half-web multi-web, come and
    go or section stacking.
  • Professional Feature Set: Complete page control, ink management, mark sets, checkpoints.
  • Drag and drop jobs, enter the desired run length and select your target output.
  • Override the automated results by changing variables with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Gang as many jobs as needed on just about any format size using Optimization.
  • Drag and drop PDF files into a predefined hot folder to automatically impose common layouts.
  • Set-up any automated workflow independent of page size or page count.
  • Integrate inpO2 into an existing workflow using the Hot folders to capture new jobs and direct completed layouts to the next workflow phase.
  • Control over JDF data type and version.
  • Export with cutting parameters for downstream finishing.
  • Define output settings to integrate with your workflow.

What makes Dynagram so different?

Dynagram ensures that your prepress team is up and imposing jobs in no time. Support and training packages are available through our network of OEM, distribution and reselling partners, or directly through Dynagram. Each new product sold comes with 90 days of email, phone and on-line interactive support. So where you have a technical question or just need help learning a feature, a live person is available(1) to help. In addition, all upgrades are included for the first 90 days.  

(1) Live technical support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time (holidays excluded). Support is available in English and in French.

Try Before You Buy

The evaluation version is fully functional, allowing you to experience inpO2 without any restraint. Click on the link above or contact our sales department for more information.

Contact for more information.