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inpO2 releases for Windows

Important note for inpO2 users:
In order to update your inpO2, it is important to send Dynagram your C2V according to the activation procedure found in the Getting Started document included with your product.


  Version 6.0.0

Compatible with: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2

For Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Continous), Acrobat Pro 2015 (Classic) or Acrobat Standard 2015 (Classic) This download contains English, French and Spanish versions.If you have a version 5.0x and lower, you must purchase an Edition switch.

What is new in this release: inpO2 6.0.0 - Windows


• Acrobat Pro DC (Continous),  Acrobat Pro 2015 (Classic) or Acrobat Standard 2015 (Classic)
• Mac OSX 10.10 and 10.11 support

What new in version 6.0.0 

inpO2 is now compatible with both editions of Acrobat DC (with services and desktop)!
inpO2 has been entirely re-engineered for Acrobat DC and to adapt to its 64 bits requirements. All under-the-hood technologies have been upgraded to ensure the maximum speed, robustness and perennity, so that inpO2 continues to deserve the title of the most sturdy imposition solution for PDF-based workflows on the market. You will also notice the new inpO2 icons that closely adapt the Acrobat DC look and feel! Before starting to use inpO2 6.0, it will be necessary to configure your work environment by adding shortcuts for the three inpO2 toolbars, from the Add-ons section of the Tools panel.

For your convenience, a custom toolbar gathering the complete set of icons is also downloadable here.
To install the inpO2.aaui file, go to the Tools menu -> Create Custom Tool. Then open the drop-down menu and choose Import. Import inpO2.aaui file. The new Tools set " inpO2 " is now available. Open the menu and choose : Add Shortcut. The inpO2 Tools are now present in the right panel.

Fixes in v.6.0.0

• 6323 Assembly Wizard windows display correctly (MAC OS X only).

• 6515 The default font used by inpO2 is no more shifted in the menus (MAC OS X 10.9+).

• 6517 A proofing preview problem happening when a color was defined in two different ways in the PDF file has been fixed.

• 6660 Imposing with the Wizard a PDF file already opened in Acrobat is now stable.

• 6683 Double-clicking on an inpO2 working file correctly launches the application (Adobe Acrobat XI,defect ID 3501528).

• 6903 Activated checkboxes are now displayed with a better contrast (MAC OS X 10.10+).

• 6904, 6905 The Output and Export presets destination folders are no more created twice (MACOS X 10.10+).

• 6909 A problem with the selection of an automation workflow reverting to a workflow with different preset values has been fixed.

IMPORTANTIf an older version of inpO2 (5.0.x) is present on your computer, before remove this installation it is highly recommended to export and backup your existing Presets.

For more details, see Release Notes for this version.
Pour plus de détails, consultez les Notes de version.


  Version 5.0.3

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

For Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, X et XI. This download contains English, French and Spanish versions. If you have version 4.0.x and lower, you must purchase an upgrade.

What is new in this release: inpO2 5.0.3 - Windows


Workflow Integrations

• 6637 A JDF layout error giving flipped pages on the back when using Reservation pages has been fixed.
• 6742 Enfocus Switch integration is now facilitated by the automatic enabling of inpO2 Automation log files.

Security and Licenses

• 6741 inpO2 installer now includes new HASP drivers for Windows 8.

For more details, see Release Notes for this version.
Pour plus de détails, consultez les Notes de version.